Biggest Mistakes When Structuring Your Fashion Shoot

Incoherent Brief

The brief for your fashion shoot is simply the objectives for the day
and outlines the plan to the photographer and client. This helps all parties
involved understand the vision for the shoot. The brief should contain all the
elements for the shoot including - 

  • Styling 
  • Hair / Make-up
  • Aesthetic 
  • Lighting
  • Mood
  • Location
  • Subject

These should all be organised in a comprehensive way that can be
communicated to the whole team so everyone can envision the direction of the
fashion shoot. The brief can then be shown to the client so they can tailor the
fashion shoot to their own preferences and ultimately be happy with the result.

Un-focused Mood Board 

A mood board is a collection of images that inspire the end result of
the fashion shoot. Images can be collected from a variety of sources such as
digitally and resources such as magazines. These can be tricky to orchestrate
as you need to select the most relevant material to match your focus for the
shoot. One way you can make sure you pick the best images is by being extra
critical when viewing material - ask yourself ‘does this fit the vision of the
shoot?’. Further to this, the images should be based around the overall concept
of the shoot, the easiest way to do this is by looking at other shoots
and editorials that share a
similar vision.

Un-Professional Team

When selecting a team for your fashion shoot, you will need at least
both a subject and a photographer. When selecting a photographer, make sure you
have seen a portfolio of their images to ensure that they can shoot a style
that fits the brief - click here to see
examples of Kimberly Archer photography. Much like with a photographer, you
will want to see examples of the models’ work, including head-shots. This means you
can see if the model fits the concept of the brief and has the right look to
execute the brief. To help with this, it is good to hold a model casting, so
you can see if the models have a positive attitude and will work well to meet
the brief. In order to have a team that works well together you will need to
ensure that everyone has a good understanding of the brief to avoid
miscommunication and mistakes being made on the shoot day.

Ineffective Call Sheet

The call sheet is essential when organizing the shoot day as it gives
the team all the essential information needed for the day to run smoothly and
keep to a time scale. The information provided should include location, team
roles and contact info, and the date and time of the shoot. This should be
provided to staff prior to the shoot day so they know all detail in advance and
can make any arrangements they need to conform to the requirements set out.

Overall, preparation and organization are the key to the success of the
fashion shoot. If either of these things aren’t done well, then there will be
miscommunication between the team which will lead to discrepancies in the
outcome of the concept as the vision will not be coherent and clear to the

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