Fashion - Pricing for your fashion shoot

There are a lot of elements to think about when it comes to pricing your fashion shoot. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the elements that need to be taken into consideration and how they all add up to make the grand total. So, if you want to know about how fashion shoots are priced, keep reading down below.


The first thing that we need to look at is planning the shoot. This takes time and a lot of effort, which is why it ends up contributing to the overall price. The photographer needs time to make sure everything has a place, and then that everything is going to fit into that place when the time comes around. It can be quite a big job to plan out a shoot, depending on the requirements that you have given. You may wish to consider employing a stylist or set designer for bigger shoots. 

Getting A Team

It’s not just one person with a camera that makes an entire shoot happen, and that is what some people don’t realise about the process. You need a team for hair and makeup if this is necessary, a photographer to shoot pictures, a photo assistant if lighting equipment is being used and also someone who will arrange wardrobe and garments. You are also going to need someone to edit the photos once they have been taken so that they can look as good as possible, and all of these people need to be paid.

Scouting A Location

Something else that needs to be done is finding a location. It is not always as simple as having one place readily available at all times, that will be ready in time for a shoot. If there is not already a location that has been agreed upon, then one needs to be found and rented for the time of the shoot. This can sometimes take quite a while, and if there is a charge for using the space that you have decided to shoot at, then this needs to be considered into the overall price.

Editing The Pictures

You need a specialist to edit the pictures once they have been taken to ensure that they are finished to the highest possible standard. If you want your photos to come out looking amazing, then this is a step that can’t be missed, and it is vital to the entire shoot. Editing pictures from a shoot can take quite a bit of time and requires a professional if you want your pictures to attract the right kind of attention.

How Much Does It Cost?

So, how much does it actually cost for your photo shoot? As a general guide; stylists are anywhere from £250-£800 per day. Photographers are usually between £500-£1,200 per day dependant on skill input required, although larger scale advertising shoot day rates may be into the thousands of pounds. It is possible younger photographers may shoot under £500 per day. Photo assistants range about £250-£500 per day dependant on the level of skill needed. Make-up and hair artists £150-£500 per day. Location rates are largely dependant on the scale of the shoot and can be free on certain streets and outside! A lovely venue can be sourced for around £1,000 per day. Decent photo editors are £200-£400 per day. Lastly, don’t forget a wardrobe/prop budget if you need any complimentary pieces…or convince other designers to lend something :)